Baby Formula Shortage: Tips for Akron Parents

Sleeping newborn in white for baby formula shortage in Akron OH article

The baby formula shortage has been going on for way longer than I’m sure any mama anticipated. It’s a stressful time for moms who don’t or can’t breastfeed their newborns. Baby formula is a vital piece of nutrition for newborns for many families across the US, so I wanted to dedicate a post to helping you navigate this struggle. So, let’s talk about my best tips for Akron parents!

How to Survive the Baby Formula Shortage

My top tips for getting through the shortage. Let’s talk about what you need to know, where to buy formula in Akron, OH, and what alternative options you have!

Sleeping newborn in purple for baby formula shortage in Akron OH article

What You Need to Know

The baby formula shortage started when the leading production company of baby formula, Abbott, found bacteria in their formula. They recalled their products and halted production entirely. Due to this recall and pause in production, baby formula form became scarce and quickly! Within months it became a nationwide crisis. Parents all over the US suddenly had a difficult time finding formula on any grocery store shelf. The thing is, whereas this started months ago, it is still occurring. The shortage remains a significant problem and likely will until Abbott restarts production and gets back into full swing! So, what can you do you in the meantime?

Where to Find Baby Formula in Akron, OH

Finding these products during the baby formula shortage is going to be difficult, I won’t sugar coat that for you all. I want to be open and honest based on the current research and status of production. However, it’s not totally impossible. Starting with the most obvious answer to this question of where to find baby formula, there is still grocery stores and pharmacies. Whereas yes, these places are where the bulk of the problem is, baby formula is still sold here. You just have to time it correctly and get to it as soon as it hits the shelves. Parents are stocking up when they find it so be prepared for it to go fast!

That being said, you do have some other options, although they’re not traditional. I know it’s strange, but you can find baby formula on websites like Ebay, Amazon, and resale sites. Many parents have turned to these sites to find baby formula during the shortage, but I personally find it a little…iffy. I’d rather ensure it’s coming from a verified, professional seller like our grocery stores.

If you’re like me, I also recommend joining mommy groups on sites like Facebook as there are many moms willing to share the formula that they have! Some moms even have excess amounts and are offering it to moms who need some. There are also plenty of baby supply stores across the country that have taken baby formula donations to give to parents. Being here for each other during this shortage is one of the best things we can do, so take advantage of this! Reach out to friends and make new friends!

Alternatives to Baby Formula

Here’s the thing, I know that not all parents are capable of breastfeeding. I completely respect that. However, it is going to be your best bet if you are capable during the baby formula shortage. So, start there. Find yourself a breastfeeding specialist in Akron, OH who can help you if you’re struggling to breastfeed. There are so many in the area and there’s nothing wrong with getting a little assistance!

If breastfeeding isn’t an option for you, consider looking into homemade baby formula alternatives. There are options often recommended by homeopathic doctors in Akron, OH, but your general pediatrician should also be able to help you in this department. Just please, do not under any circumstance just pull up a “recipe” on Google and call it a day. This is your child’s nutrition and needs to be done correctly.

Sleeping newborn in white for baby formula shortage in Akron OH article

Final Thoughts on the Baby Formula Shortage

The baby formula shortage is intimidating, but it is also possible to navigate without completely losing your sanity. Find friends to lean on, moms to borrow from, and pediatricians in Akron, OH to reach out to for guidance. Every mom will get through the shortage, you just have to be patient and maybe a little creative!

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