Cold Symptoms in Babies: Advice for Akron Parents

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As a parent, especially in Akron, you want the healthiest experience for your baby. However, what if your little guy seems to be getting sick from a cold? Babies get sick very often because they are cute and small, but also because they are still getting adjusted to the outside world. Wondering how to tell if your baby has a cold? Check out our list of the 5 cold symptoms in babies.


A fever is when your baby’s temperature is higher than normal. Babies get fevers when they have a cold, the flu, or any other virus really. So, it is one of the most common cold symptoms in babies. If you think that your baby might have a fever, it’s important to check his or her temperature regularly. You should also make sure he or she drinks enough fluids and eats a balanced diet, which can help to keep the body from getting too hot or cold, depending on the cause of the fever.


Coughs are common in babies for a variety of reasons, but one of the common reasons is due to the common cold. To help with coughs, try giving your baby some extra fluids and breast milk if they seem hungry or have trouble sleeping. If you notice your baby is coughing up more mucus than usual, then it can be important cold symptoms in babies, call your doctor immediately. 

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Runny Nose 

A runny nose is also one of the most common cold symptoms in babies but it’s not as serious as coughing or sneezing. Babies tend to have runny noses because they’re still developing their immune systems and don’t yet have enough experience with germs and viruses that cause colds or other infectious diseases like the flu. If your baby is not getting better, you should see the doctor.

Sore Throat 

Sore throats are normal in children with colds and are caused by viruses or bacteria in the throat. They can make it difficult for your baby to swallow or chew food, and they may cause fever and chills. If you notice any redness around the back of your baby’s throat, or if he has difficulty swallowing or breathing while eating, seek medical attention right away.

Irritability or Difficulty Sleeping

Irritability and difficulty sleeping are the other primary cold symptoms in babies” Irritability is probably the most common symptom of a cold in babies. Babies often cry when they first start to feel sick, and they may want to be held or fed less or more often. They may also be more fussy than usual and have trouble falling asleep at night. Check in with your pediatrician to see if there are any other possible causes for your baby’s symptoms.

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Final Thoughts

These cold symptoms in babies are the top that I’ve noticed in my own children and top medical blogs. It is important to know if your baby has a cold. If you are not sure, do not delay in taking your baby to the doctor.

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