How to Determine Your Baby’s Gender

how to determine your baby's gender

As expectant parents, one of the most exciting moments during pregnancy is finding out the gender of your baby. While some parents opt to keep it a surprise until birth, others are eager to know as soon as possible. If you’re curious about how to determine your baby’s gender, this guide will walk you through some common practices. We’ll also discuss some “old wives tales” that may mean you’re having a boy or a girl!

how to determine your baby's gender

Ultrasound: The Gold Standard

When it comes to determining your baby’s gender, ultrasound is considered the most accurate method. Typically performed around 18-20 weeks gestation, an ultrasound technician can often identify the sex of the baby by visualizing the genitalia. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that sometimes the baby’s position or other factors may make it difficult to get a clear view. Sometimes, although rare, ultrasound tests are also wrong due to things like new techs, poor viewing capabilities, and not waiting long enough to check!

how to determine your baby's gender

Genetic Testing

For those who want to know how to determine your baby’s gender earlier in pregnancy, genetic testing may be your golden ticket! Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) can provide reliable results as early as 10 weeks. These tests analyze fetal DNA in the mother’s blood to detect chromosomal abnormalities and can also reveal the baby’s sex. However, they are not recommended for use unless you have a genetic reason for needing to know the baby’s gender or other genetic disorders. It’s rare that a doctor will use genetic testing solely out a desire to know the sex if there’s no conditional reason to do so and will usually ask you to wait!

how to determine your baby's gender

Old Wives’ Tales: Separating Fact from Fiction

While there are countless myths and old wives’ tales about predicting a baby’s gender, many have little to no scientific basis. However, some parents enjoy entertaining these notions for fun, and have even been right! Here are a couple of common signs associated with having a boy or a girl:

Common Signs You’re Having a Boy:

  • Carrying low
  • Craving salty or savory foods
  • Your partner gains weight along with you
  • Heart rate below 140 beats per minute

Common Signs You’re Having a Girl:

  • Carrying high
  • Craving sweets or fruit
  • Experiencing more morning sickness
  • Heart rate above 140 beats per minute

how to determine your baby's gender

The Joy of Keeping It a Surprise

While the temptation to find out how to determine your baby’s gender may be strong, there’s something truly magical about keeping it a surprise until birth. Embracing the unknown adds an extra layer of anticipation and excitement to your journey into parenthood. Plus, it allows you to focus on the joy of the pregnancy experience without any preconceived notions.

how to determine your baby's gender

Why Maternity Photoshoots Are a Must

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