Top 3 Preschools in Akron OH

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Akron is known for its manufacturing, education, and healthcare industries. It is a phenomenal place to raise a family and luckily, the city has over 30 preschools and daycares to choose from. If you’re looking for preschools in Akron, OH that offers both traditional and Montessori learning methods, you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for here!

Top 3 Preschools in Akron, OH

I’ve compiled a list of the 3 best preschools in Akron, OH based on reviews from parents who have gone through them with their children. I hope this will help you make an informed decision when it comes time to enroll your little one

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Color Our Rainbow Academy

Color Our Rainbow Academy is a family-friendly preschool that offers an engaging, fun environment for your child to develop their social and emotional skills while they learn and grow. The school offers flexible scheduling and healthy home-cooked meals for the kids. They also offer a safe and secure environment for you to relax after dropping off your kids in the morning.

The school also offers a Parent App, which gives parents access to notifications about their child’s progress at Color Our Rainbow Academy. This app allows parents to see when their child leaves campus in case they forget something important. It also allows parents to manage all of their child’s classes from one central location!

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The Goddard School of Akron

The Goddard School of Akron is one of the more unique preschools in Akron, OH that provide the best possible learning environment for your child. They have an outstanding curriculum and offer creative learning experiences. They are also committed to helping children academically, socially, emotionally, and physically in a safe and loving environment.

The school has a reputation for being a loving space where children are encouraged to learn in a fun way. The teachers at Goddard School will help your child become a well-rounded person, mentally and physically. The school also has an awesome curriculum that helps children learn all sorts of things like social skills and self-confidence.

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Eastgate Preschool

At Eastgate, they believe in the power of play to help children develop the skills they need to be successful in life. They also believe that every child is different, so they strive to provide an environment where each child feels comfortable and accepted.

The setting is open, inviting, and filled with natural light. The rooms are designed for children to play cooperatively with their peers their age, as well as work cooperatively with adults on projects together. In addition to a safe place for children to learn together, teachers are trained at Eastgate to encourage creativity and forward-thinking attitudes in the classroom.

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Final Thoughts on the Top 3 Preschools in Akron, OH

I hope this list of preschools in Akron, OH will help you get your child into a great school. The choice is yours! There are numerous options in the area but these three are known for their warm, welcoming environment and unique teaching methods!

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