Seasonal Family and Kids Photoshoots in Akron OH

seasonal family and kids’ photoshoots in Akron OH

Oh holiday season…the time for apple cider, hot cocoa, and brisk cool air that fills our noses. You know what else it’s time for? Seasonal family and kids’ photoshoots in Akron OH! Specialty sessions are the perfect way to capture this magnificent time of year with photos that will last you a lifetime. Let’s talk a little more about what they are, why I love them, and what I offer!

What are Specialty Sessions?

So…specialty seasonal family and kids’ photoshoots in Akron OH are some of my favorites to shoot simply because I get to be a little more creative and you get something fun to do with the whole family! Specialty sessions are shorter photoshoots that still provide you with professional prints that can be done with the family or just for the kids.

Every photographer does them a little bit differently, but I like to do themed ones especially around the holiday season! Right now, I am focused on my fall sessions (but keep an eye out for my winter ones!). Now, you’re probably wondering why in the world you would want to spend money on a shorter session, well, let me tell you.

seasonal family and kids’ photoshoots in Akron OH in blog photo backdrop

Benefits of Specialty Seasonal Family and Kids Photoshoots in Akron, OH

There are so many reasons to partake in specialty sessions, some of which I guarantee are going to surprise you.

Quicker Time: Yes I know I’ve said this already, but let me explain. Let’s be honest, kid’s mind’s are going at lightning speed pretty much from the moment they wake up to about 2 hours after you tell them it’s time to go to bed. They don’t stop, which means their attention spans don’t either. Shorter sessions are ideal for children because it’s just the right amount of time for them to get excited about this new experience, have fun with it, and then subsequently be over it fifteen minutes later. Before you worry, quicker time does not mean lower quality. They are not synonymous here, not with me, and I’ll explain why next.

Themed Sets: My favorite part of these shorter specialty sessions is the adorable themes and sets I get to make. I’m a creative person (obviously or I’m clearly in the wrong field) so I enjoy getting to come up with new ideas and sets for each season or holiday. Right now, I am particularly excited about my fall sets. I have one for family photos and one for kids photos. They are what you see in the photos here in this blog!

When you book a specialty session, you get all the benefit of a beautiful fall backdrop without the cold and often rainy Akron, OH fall weather! It’s really the best of the both worlds and you have access to both sets during your session.

Faster Sessions for the Same High-Quality Photos: Now, a common concern I hear from parents considering specialty sessions is that faster session means lower quality. Well, I’d like you to erase that thought from your mind please. I believe every photo deserves a little TLC regardless of how long of a session it came from. So, I treat my seasonal family and kids’ photoshoots in Akron OH just as I would any larger session. Every photo gets individually edited in both Lightroom and Photoshop and receives my full editing style. I don’t compromise on quality, ever.

The Investment is Smaller: Of course, smaller sessions do mean a lower cost of investment. I find that these specialty sessions are a great way to test the waters with a new photographer. They’re a chance for us to get introduced and for you to decide if you like my style, but in the process you get adorable photos of you and your kids!

Easy to Book: You can book my seasonal specialty sessions online easily using this link! There’s no need for extra consultations or discussions. It’s a simple process that leads to extravagant results. I still have openings for my fall sessions October 19, 20, and 21!

Make sure you keep an eye out for upcoming seasonal family and kids’ photoshoots in Akron OH as well! I can’t wait to meet you and your kiddos!

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