5 Signs Your Baby Needs ABA Therapy: Tips for Akron Parents

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ABA Therapy is a form of in person therapy used to treat maladaptive behaviors associated with various cognitive and behavioral disorders, as well as Autism. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need an Autism diagnosis to receive ABA therapy. In fact this type of treatment is highly beneficial even without one and is known for helping children as young as one year old. Let’s talk about some signs your baby needs ABA therapy.

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Little to No Eye Contact

One of the first signs your baby needs ABA therapy in Akron, OH is if they have little to no eye contact with you. Eye contact is one of the first things babies learn how to do. If your baby doesn’t seem to be looking at you, it might be a sign they need ABA therapy.

No Response or Delayed Response to Hearing their Name

If your baby rarely responds to their name, it’s unlikely that they’re ignoring you. Instead, they likely don’t understand the concept of “name.” Babies who receive ABA therapy will learn how to identify sounds and other things that makeup language. This will help them respond appropriately to them.

Speech Language Delay

Speech language delay is one of the common signs your baby needs ABA therapy. If your child is facing trouble with sound effects, mimicking sounds, and trying to mimic words, he/she is suffering from speech language delay. 

Your baby may also have trouble understanding how to make sounds. ABA therapy is an approach that helps children with speech problems improve these skills by using positive reinforcement and encouragement.

Limited Fine and Gross Motor Progressions

Early Intervention ABA therapy helps children learn to do things like open and close their hands. Additionally, it’ll help them kick their legs, and even crawl when they’re really little. When you notice your baby isn’t doing these things as well as they should be, it could be a sign to look into ABA therapy.

Aggressive Behaviors

If your baby shows aggressive behaviors, this can be one of the notable signs your baby needs ABA therapy. The most common aggressive behavior is biting, with hair-pulling coming in second. Other forms of aggression include tantrums and other unexplained behaviors.

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Final Thoughts

If you are a parent in Akron, and your child starts displaying any of the above behaviors, make sure you let your pediatrician know. ABA therapy can make a world of difference for babies showing signs of Autism and other cognitive or behavioral disorders. These signs that your child needs ABA therapy can be an effective way to get ahead of it all. ABAA will teach essential skills that will help your child to live their best life!

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