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baby won't stop crying

Hey there, new parents! Congratulations on the arrival of your precious little one. As a newborn photographer who has captured countless adorable moments, I understand that the sounds of a baby’s cries can sometimes leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed. Fear not – you’re not alone in this journey. Let’s dive into the world of […]

Why Your Baby Won’t Stop Crying: Unraveling the Mystery


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first birthday party themes

As your little one turns..well…one, celebrating this milestone is a momentous occasion worth cherishing. Planning a memorable birthday party not only creates beautiful memories but also offers an opportunity to show your kiddo new things. To help you create an unforgettable celebration, here are some delightful first birthday party themes tailored for one-year-olds in Akron, […]

Unique First Birthday Party Themes and Ohio Venues!

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baby friendly attractions in Akron

As a new parent, finding baby friendly attractions in Akron can be a challenge. You want to explore the city and enjoy its incredible features, but you  also need to ensure your little one is safe and comfortable.  Luckily, Akron has plenty of attractions that are baby and newborn-friendly. Here are five of the best! *Have you […]

5 Baby Friendly Attractions in Akron


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