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12 month baby milestones

As parents, the first year with your baby is a remarkable journey marked by incredible growth and heartwarming milestones. By the time your little one turns one, they’ll likely achieve a variety of milestones in different areas of development. Let’s explore the exciting 12 month baby milestones you can anticipate, organized by fine motor skills, […]

12 Month Baby Milestones: What to Look Forward To!

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smiling baby in green onesie during newborn photography session

Hey moms and dads! Your child’s first year of life is filled with so many little accomplishments. From smiling, to raising their arms, to making vocalizations, a lot happens in these first 365 days. I wanted to take some time to address these baby milestones month by month with you. As a newborn photographer in […]

Baby Milestones: Is Your Little One Hitting These Key Developments?


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