Akron Winter Activities with Kids

With the weather rapidly dropping into the 40’s, it’s getting near time to start planning winter activities. I know, we haven’t even hit Thanksgiving yet. So, maybe I’m jumping the gun here, but I think it’s better to be prepared now rather than sorry later. Now, seeing as I am a newborn and milestone photographer, I’m tailoring this post to my parents with young ones, but all of these activities you can do with kids of any age. So, let’s talk about the best Akron winter activities with kids.

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Take a Train Ride Through the Forest

I wanted to make this post about more than the obvious “snow tubing” and “sledding” mumble. I’m sure you’re all already aware of those options! That being said, have you considered taking a train ride? Particularly, a train ride when its’ snowing or just after? The snow isn’t always the most welcome of guests, but you have to admit, fresh fallen flakes are beautiful. Whereas you may not want to literally get out there (into the snow), but what about getting out there (and into a train)?

Taking a train ride through the beautiful forests in the area is a unique, peaceful, and mesmerizing experience. It’s one of those Akron winter activities with kids that you’ll remember for years. Who knows, it may even become a family tradition! It’s a great idea for parents with young kids between the ages of 6 months and 3 years old. You of course don’t want to take your super little kids out and about like this. Their immune systems are still developing and you don’t want them to get sick. However, slightly older kiddos, they’d love it!

Check out Cuyahoga Valley Scene Railroad here for a beautiful train ride!

Have a Baking Day

I realize this may sound a little…obvious, but baking with your kids on a snowy day is just so much fun. Yes, it’s also a little bit messy, but the memories are worth the mess in my opinion. Make a morning, afternoon, or whole day out of baking different kinds of cookies. Let each of your kids pick out a cookie recipe they want to make ahead of time. Then you can gather those ingredients, and get to baking! The house will smell fantastic, your kids will have a blast learning how to crack eggs, and you get delicious treats at the end of it all. That sounds like a win..win..win…(did I miss a win?) to me.

Make this great for the whole family by letting your newborn watch you all make a mess! Your toddlers can take part in using the sugar cookie cutters, and your older kids can handle the oven!

Fumble Around on Ice Skates

Learning how to ice skate is one of the best Akron winter activities with kids that you can possibly do, and they can start as early as age 3 on their own. However, you can get your kiddo used to the ice sooner if you prefer, just not newborns (obviously). This activity teaches balance, core strength, and how to get back up when you fall (and believe me…you’ll fall). It’s great for the whole family, which is why it had to be on this list.

There are two ways you can go about this. Your first option is to find an outdoor area suitable for ice skating. Luckily, there’s a spot in Akron, OH known specifically for this occasion: Big Bend Ice Skating. It’s a hiking trail area that happens to have a small lake that freezes over in the winter. The lake isn’t too deep, but your kids will still need to be supervised.

Your other option is to go to an indoor rink. This is often preferred by newbies who don’t have their own skates and aren’t comfortable enough to be free-skating. Indoor rinks at least have walls you can brace yourself up against when you don’t quite know how to stop. Plus, you can rent your skates instead of buying your own. A popular place for this is Center Ice Sports Complex, located in North Canton, OH. Their rink is huge, and they love seeing the little ones take to the ice for the first time! Make sure you check them out when you have a chance!

Final Thoughts on Akron Winter Activities with Kids

Finding some fun things to do with your kids in the winter can be hard, especially when they’re really little. Parents with newborns and babies need to be more aware of their surroundings and keep kids inside to avoid illness. I highly recommend watching all the holiday movies you can, making a mess in the kitchen, or even taking them on a train ride if they’re up for it! There are so many Akron winter activities with kids that you can take part in. You just have to find the best ones for you and your family!

Before you go…make sure you take a look at my holiday photoshoots to get scheduled for some adorable winter sessions! Spots are limited!

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