Pediatric Physical Therapy in Akron: Does Your Child Need It?

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You know how it goes, those tiny grabby hands, kicking feet, swiveling head, it’s part of the baby development processes. It’s absolutely adorable, but it’s important to keep in mind that every baby is a little bit different. They don’t always progress at the exact same rate. So, when should you be worried? Take a look at some signs to watch out for to determine if your child needs pediatric physical therapy in Akron.

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5 Signs Your Infant May Need Pediatric Physical Therapy in Akron

I wanted to separate this blog into two sections, one for infants and one for babies. Most of the time, infants use PT as a preventative measure if they have some kind of developmental delay or disability. However, it can also be used a way to increase strength and range of motion. Let’s discuss five signs!

1. They Have Low Muscle Tone. This condition is noticeable by parents but should be diagnosed by a physician or physical therapist. It typically looks like floppy muscle compared to the rest of the body. Low muscle tone is a key indicator that your little one could benefit form pediatric physical therapy in Akron.

2. You Notice Improper Posture or Difficulty Maintaining Proper Posture. This looks like a constantly curved back, misalignment of the joints, etc. If you suspect your child may not have the best posture, ask your physician and then a physical therapist!

3. Your Infant Has Limited or Painful Joint Movement. When your infant start to move their limbs more, you may notice that one joint is moving less frequently or extensively than others. If so, this may be a sign that the joint has limited range or that it may hurt your infant.

4. Your Infant Favors One Side of Their Body. Infants can favor one side of their body even at such a young age. If you notice they are only trying to move one side compared to the other, you may want to take them to get physical therapy in Akron.

5. They Have a Diagnosis of a Developmental Delay Condition. Diagnoses like Cerebral Palsy, Torticollis, and Down’s Syndrome are all common developmental disorders. They often go hand in hand with the need for early intervention PT.

Check out the CDC’s 2- month developmental milestone recommendations to learn more!

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Top 5 Signs Your Baby Needs Pediatric Physical Therapy in Akron

Alright, onto babies! As your little one grows, they’ll be expected to hit certain physical development milestones. These are some of the most common signs that your child may not be meeting such expectations and would benefit form pediatric physical therapy in Akron.

1. They’re Not Sitting Up Independently by 8 Months. Your baby should be able to sit up by themselves around the 8-month mark. If they are still needing assistance, they may benefit from physical therapy.

2. Your Baby is Only Turning Their Head One Way. Another common reason for pediatric physical therapy in Akron is babies turning their head in one direction only. This could be for several reasons that can only be addressed by a physical therapist.

3. They are Not Crawling on Time (by 12 months). Crawling is one of the most exciting developmental milestones your little one will hit. If they are not crawling by the one-year mark, or they are crawling very slowly or with limited motion, they may need some assistance.

4. Your Baby isn’t Bearing Weight on Their Legs or Their Arms. If you notice your baby is avoiding putting weight on a limb, they may need pediatric physical therapy in Akron. This could mean they’re in pain or have low muscle tone. It could also mean they are just struggling to know how to do this action.

5. Toe Walking for More than Six Months. This is for the toddler age. However, I wanted to throw it in because it’s often overlooked. If your child is walking on their tip-toes the majority of the time for more than 6 months, they may need some help from a physical therapist.

Take a look at the CDC’s 6-month developmental milestones and more!

Final Thoughts

There are numerous reasons why your infant or baby may need pediatric physical therapy in Akron. I am not a physical therapist or a doctor, so make sure you reach out to your pediatrician if you have any concerns. Being aware of the signs to watch out for can help you catch potential problems early on. The sooner you get these problems addressed, the more likely they are to continue developing properly!

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