Best Places to Take Kids in Cleveland OH

As a newborn photographer in Cleveland, OH, I work with lots of families. I’m lucky enough to hear all about their endeavour and adventures! However, as a mama myself, I’m also lucky enough to be able to share my knowledge to new mamas. This week, I wanted to touch on some of the best places to take kids in Cleveland, OH for all you mamas!

Whether you’re looking for a place to keep your little ones entertained during a rainy day or want somewhere that your older children will love, here are our top picks for places in Cleveland that make awesome destinations for kids of any age.

1.    Creativity for Kids: Best Places to Take Kids in Cleveland, OH

Located at 9450 Allen Dr. Street, Cleveland, Creativity for Kids is one of the best places to take kids in Cleveland. It offers fun and creative experiences that stimulate and encourage the natural creativity of children.

With over 40 years of experience, Creativity for Kids has developed confidence in kids through self-expression, problem-solving, and independence. The award-winning Creativity for Kids store offers a wide variety of activities and products for boys and girls. These include jewelry making, fashion design, paper and memory crafts, room décor, sensory crafts, light-up crafts, and more.

2.    Gymboree Play and Music

Gymboree Play and Music is one of the best places to take kids in Cleveland, OH. It offers a variety of programs that help children develop cognitively, physically, and socially.

Some of the programs offered by Gymboree Play and Music include classes for babies as young as 6 months old and music and movement classes for toddlers. The classes are designed to be age-appropriate, and they foster creativity and confidence in children.

Gymboree Play and Music also has a unique approach to parent involvement. Parents are encouraged to participate in the classes with their children, and this helps create lasting memories.

3.    The Children’s Museum of Cleveland: Best Places to Take Kids in Cleveland, OH

If you’re looking for a place that will keep your kids entertained for hours on end, The Children’s Museum of Cleveland is the perfect destination. Located in the Midtown neighborhood, this interactive museum is designed for children aged 0-8, and it allows them to learn through play.

The museum is home to seven unique exhibits, each of which encourages children to imagine, create, and explore. Some of the exhibits focus on the basics of scientific and engineering principles, while others promote social and emotional development.

Best of all, admission is just $12 for adults and children alike. There’s also free admission for infants 11 months and younger. So if you’re looking for a fun and educational activity in Cleveland, be sure to check out The Children’s Museum of Cleveland.

4.    Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

If you’re looking for a great place to visit in Cleveland with kids of any age, look no further than the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. This 183-acre zoo is divided into several different areas. Each of these areas offers its own unique collection of animals and plants.

The zoo is home to more than 3,000 animals representing 500 species from all over the world, including gorillas and red pandas. It’s also home to numerous educational programs that help children learn about wildlife conservation, animal welfare, and much more.

So if you’re interested in visiting one of the best zoos in Ohio, be sure to check out Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. It’s a fun destination for the whole family.

5.    Greater Cleveland Aquarium

The Greater Cleveland Aquarium is one of the top places to take kids in Cleveland, OH. It’s an interactive aquarium that features exhibits on aquatic life from all over the world.

Some of the highlights of the Greater Cleveland Aquarium include the stingray touch pool and the coral reef tank. Additionally, the Amazon exhibit is phenomenal! The aquarium also offers a variety of educational programs for kids. These programs can teach them about aquatic conservation, animal welfare, and more.

And best of all, admission is just $19.95 for adults and $13.95 for children. So if you’re looking for a fun and educational activity in Cleveland, be sure to check out the Greater Cleveland Aquarium.


These are just some of the best places to take kids in Cleveland, Ohio. Whether you’re looking for an educational program or a fun day out with your family, there are plenty of options to choose from in this great city. So be sure to check them out the next time you’re looking for something to do with your children.

I cannot wait to be your Cleveland OH newborn photographer! Be sure to reach out to me to discuss your photoshoot!

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