How a Maternity Shoot Can Make You Feel Beautiful

Capturing mama during her maternity photoshoot in Akron OH

Momma’s…let’s get a little personal here. As a mother of four kiddos myself, I know first-hand what it’s like to be pregnant. It’s one of the most incredible, albeit a little frustrating, experiences. However, every mother knows that no matter how many compliments we get while pregnant, sometimes, we just don’t believe it ourselves. Afterall, we are the one’s growing a tiny human. Our bodies are changing. First time mothers in particular often struggle to maintain their confidence throughout their pregnancy. That’s why, as a maternity and newborn photographer in Cleveland, OH, I want to talk to you about how a maternity shoot can help you feel beautiful!

Top maternity and newborn photogrpaher captures mama during her maternity photoshoot in Akron, OH

Maternity Shoots Give You a Chance to Get All Dressed Up Again

Something I love about being a maternity and newborn photographer in Cleveland, OH is the opportunity to help my clients feel beautiful. During maternity shoots, you get the opportunity to play dress up for an afternoon. You get to put on that stunning gown that makes you feel like a red-carpet model. You get to do your hair and your makeup as if you’re about to make a television debut. Maternity shoots are your chance to reignite that confidence and remember that you are a stunning woman.

You don’t have to take my word for it though, this is what my client Brooke has to say about her session, “I have so many people coming up to me saying they could never do what I did because they didn’t feel beautiful while pregnant. You just have to see yourself through someone else’s eyes!” That is where my expertise in posing and overall vision for the session come in, to help you see the beauty that is there, but you just needed the outside eyes to show you.

Something I always want my clients to be aware of is that I actually offer styling prior to the photoshoot! I have a variety of beautiful gowns that you can choose from that show off your perfect baby bump. I also offer professional hair and makeup so that you have nothing to worry about. The last thing I want is for you to feel pressured to show up to the maternity shoot, photo ready. No no no. That’s my job. You can show up in sweatpants for all I care! We’ll get you ready and ensure you feel pampered for these few hours!

Capturing mama during her maternity photoshoot with a top newborn photographer in Canton, OH

See Your Bump in a New Light with me as Your Maternity and Newborn Photographer in Cleveland, OH

One of the largest dents in a new momma’s self-esteem during pregnancy is the baby bump. Whereas it’s absolutely stunning and a place where your little one is preparing to enter the world, it’s also scary and new! That’s okay. Every momma has dealt with those little voices of self-doubt.

A maternity shoot is one of the best ways to see that baby bump in a whole new light! My maternity shoots are designed to highlight your bump. The purpose is to capture you during this time in your life. They’re designed to make sure you know that your baby bump does not hinder your appearance, it enhances it! I want to make that natural pregnancy glow even brighter and that’s exactly what I will do.

Cleveland, OH newborn photographer capuring mama during her maternity photoshoot

Maternity Shoots Help You Connect with Your Little One

Sometimes, the best way to feel beautiful while pregnant is to reconnect with yourself and your little one. As a maternity and newborn photographer in Cleveland, OH, I know that sometimes it’s difficult to do so when you just aren’t feeling like yourself. A maternity shoot can help you establish that connection with your little one as we take stunning photos that capture your bond.

The poses we do are designed to enhance the physical connection between you and your soon-to-be newborn by putting your hands on your belly, smiling down, and thinking about the joy that’s about to come. You’ll be reminded about how special this time in your life is. That reminder is often enough to make you feel beautiful again because beauty starts within, it starts with love for your body. Right now, your body is growing a tiny human…what’s more beautiful than that!

Let’s Talk About Scheduling!

If you’re struggling to feel beautiful right now, reach out to me! My job as your Cleveland, Akron, Canton & Surrounding areas, maternity photographer is to capture this incredible chapter in your story. Sometimes, that means helping you rewrite the parts where you just don’t feel beautiful. So, let’s’ do it! Let’s get you dressed up, enhance that connection with your little one, and feel like the stunning woman that you are!

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