Cleveland Baby Photographer: Let’s Talk About Babyproofing

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I love being a Cleveland baby photographer for so many reasons, but one of my favorite pieces is getting to just talk to my clients! As a mother myself, I have so much advice that I can offer new or expecting mamas and they always have tid bits for me.

So, I thought this week we would cover babyproofing. This happens both before the baby is born and often after as you make new discoveries! With almost too much information on the internet, some of which can be quite intimidating to read, I wanted to make an easy-to-digest, just the facts, post for you mamas! Let’s talk about what you really need to know about babyproofing.

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Babyproofing Your House: Advice from a Cleveland Baby Photographer

So, despite what you may have heard, there are some aspects to babyproofing that are much more important than others. Of course, keeping your newborn as safe as possible is the ultimate goal, but there are some things to prioritize.

  • Cover any corners: This applies to any corners that your little one could potentially reach. Think…coffee tables, kitchen counters, chairs, nightstands, etc. There are dozens of companies that sell soft rubber blockers that you can place over these edges so that, if your little one does explore, they won’t get hurt!
  • Cover outlets: Newborns and babies are notorious for putting their little fingers and small objects where they don’t belong. That does often include outlets so make sure you purchase outlet covers for any outlets your child could reach.
  • Keep any small objects up high or in baggies: Newborns and babies put anything they can into their mouths. If you have older kiddos that may play with things like Legos or even playdough, make sure these are kept out of reach of your newborn.
  • Latch closed any drawers that your baby could open. This prevents them from getting their fingers pinched or caught.
  • Make sure any pills or other medications are impossible for your baby to reach or open.
  • Ditch the table clothes for now and tie up your curtains. Your little one will try to pull them down which could lead to them getting hurt. The same concept applies to any chorded objects like table lamps.

However, if they do manage to get a little bump or bruise, make sure you take them to a top Cleveland pediatrician just to be safe!

Babyproofing Your Little One’s Nursery

  • Latch closed the closet door and dresser drawers
  • Keep any stuffed animals, pillows, buffers, outside of the crib until they are old enough to not accidentally cover their mouth with them.
  • Keep all baby products like wipes and sanitizers within your reach but not baby’s.
  • If the nursery has a hard wood floor, place a non-slip rug down for when they start to want to roll over and crawl.
  • Make sure to finish any room or furniture painting at least 2 months before your newborn’s due date
  • Double check that the crib and any other furniture is sturdy and ready for your little one’s arrival!

How I Babyproof My Studio as a Cleveland Baby Photographer

Seeing as I have newborns and babies in my studio frequently, I of course had to include a small bit on how I babyproof my studio! My goal is not only to take the most adorable photos of your little one, but also to ensure their safety to the best of my ability. Most of the little one’s I photograph are too young to get around by themselves. However, I’ve definitely had a few kiddos brave the unknown territory…and scare me and their mamas.

So, I make sure that all of my outlets are covered to avoid any wandering fingers. The bathroom door is always closed just in case your little one decides they’re ready to start potty training a little ahead of schedule! I also check any sets I have in place for the shoot to ensure they’re stable. That way nobody is going to get hurt.

So, is Your Home Babyproofed Yet?

If you’re expecting or you already have a newborn, let me know if I missed any vital pieces! I’m sure all the mamas would love to hear from you, as would I.

Speaking of, make sure you reach out to schedule your maternity or newborn photoshoot with me in Cleveland, OH! I’m so excited to meet you!

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