Top 3 Things to do in Cleveland with Kids

One of my favorite aspects of being a Cleveland newborn photographer is getting to talk with my clients about why they love living in the area. From the places they love to visit, their favorite restaurants, to what they like to do, I’ve gotten some great advice from so many parents about things to do in Cleveland with kids. So, I thought it was only fair to share my nuggets of knowledge with you guys!

Build a Bear Workshop: Things to do in Cleveland with Kids

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Build a Bear Workshop is the ideal indoor spot for those rainy, cloudy days in Cleveland. We all know Cleveland weather can be…well…unpredictable to say the least. Having a few places that you can go to indoors really comes in handy during these not-so-nice days.

The unique thing about Build a Bear Workshop is that it can be a quick 30-minute trip, or it can take a few hours. This all depends on how many kids you’re bringing, how picky they are, and how much time you have to let your child engage with their imagination. I personally recommend at least one hour. You want your kids to have a chance to really consider their options and pick their perfect pal. They’ll need time to record their voice, and of course come up with the best name possible! (Something beyond Beary the bear, you know?)

Build a Bear in Cleveland is a phenomenal spot for birthday parties for kids as well. I’ve heard this option quite frequently as a Cleveland newborn photographer. The company recommends your children be at least 2 years of age. However, you can bring younger kids in to enjoy the day! It’s just that, once they reach two, kids start being able to make their own decisions, understand the different kinds of animals, take directions, etc. However, bringing along your little newborn is totally welcome!


Let Them Experience New Things at the Children’s Museum of Cleveland

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Great for kids up to 8 years’ old, but ideal for newborns and toddlers, you’ve got to check out the Children’s Museum of Cleveland for an afternoon! This is an interactive museum built specifically for children. It’s centered around the multiple developmental stages that kids go through as they grow. There are activities for fine motor development and gross motor enhancement. There’s even the chance for them to experience sounds, sights, and textures they may not have yet!

You can spend several hours at this museum, letting your little one wander around. You’ll get to watch their eyes light up when they see all of the changing colors. They’ll learn without knowing they’re learning and it’s so cute to watch older siblings guide them through this experience! Actually, this is a great activity to tucker your little one out before their newborn photography session in Cleveland with me! CHECK THEM OUT!

Get Outdoors at the Cleveland Botanical Garden: Things to do in Cleveland with Kids

botanical gardens in springtime

So, now that we’ve covered some things to do indoors, let’s talk about outdoors. One of my favorite recommendations I’ve ever gotten is visiting the Cleveland Botanical Gardens. This is basically a fancy term for a massive outdoor garden. There are dozens of plants and flowers that you’ll get to see as you stroll along the dedicated walkway. You may even run into some butterfly friends!

Kids are welcome here so long as they can walk on their own or sit in a stroller, which is smart to bring anyway because we all know toddler legs can only go for so long! Bringing your newborn here is a great way to immerse them in nature and show them an array of fun colors. You’ll also get to playfully teach them about the wildlife that lives within this habitat! Plus, you’ll get adorable photos of your kiddos smelling flowers and smiling at the butterflies…come on! CHECK THEM OUT!

Know Any Other Things to do in Cleveland with Kids?

If you do…make sure you leave a comment! Let’s help each other out here! I know at least a dozen things to do in Cleveland with kids, but these are definitely in my top five. However, I think I’ll make a part 2 to this list at a later date if you’re interested!

Make sure you reach out to me asap to book your maternity, milestone, or newborn photography session in Cleveland OH! I cannot wait to meet you and hear all of your great ideas!

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