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As a Cleveland newborn photographer, I’ve had many conversations with my clients about their day to day lives. A popular question I tend to get as a mom myself is if I have any recommendations for top Cleveland pediatricians. Now, I of course have my own family doctor, but I wanted to provide other options. So, I did a little digging and also took into consideration the pediatricians some clients have mentioned and made a list of who I think are the Cleveland pediatricians worth considering! Let’s get into it!

Senders Pediatrics: Cleveland Pediatricians

Seeing as they are the winner of the 2021 Parent Choice Award for Best Pediatrician, it’s only fair that they make an appearance on this short list. Senders Pediatrics is known for their “award winning” care, kindness, and love for each of their patients. Their team of doctors works together to determine the needs of every child that walks in their doors. They take pride in their ability to think outside the box instead of throwing out the most likely solution at every parent.

Something I particularly liked about Senders Pediatrics is their breastfeeding center. They offer breastfeeding medicine and care for moms and newborn within 72 hours of leaving the hospital. Being a maternity and newborn photographer in Cleveland, OH, I love that I can let my expecting mamas in on this little gem of info!

Cleveland Clinic Pediatrics

Cleveland Clinic is one of the most well-known medical facilities in Cleveland. This is in part due to its size, but also due to the incredible team of doctors that work there. The pediatric clinic is where over 300 pediatricians call their place of work and over 500,000 patients are seen. It’s a massive clinic, but don’t let that overwhelm you.

Cleveland Clinic Pediatrics is well-known for their patient care and their ability to resonate with every single patient and parent. The doctors here care about each and every mom, dad, and child who comes in the door. Their goal is to not only aid with any medical concerns, but also to help you and your kiddo navigate the various growing stages that they’ll embark on. They work with all ages from newborn to 18 y/o so even if your new little one has older siblings, they’ll find a doc here too!

Pediatricenter: Cleveland Pediatricians

One of my favorite aspects of being a newborn photographer in Cleveland, is getting to know my clients. When discussing doctors, this office has come up more than once. Pediatricenter has a larger staff, but no where near as larger as the Cleveland Clinic. So, they’re ideal for families who maybe have multiple kiddos that they want to get seen or for families looking for offices with more availability, but doesn’t feel too overwhelming.

However, their slightly larger size does not take away from their personablity. They have a small-office feel, which is something I personally love in a pedatirician. I like my doctor to be both highly knowledgeable, but also you know…have basic human decency? Maybe like my kids a bit. That sort of thing, and Pediatricenter seems to be known for just that!

Primrose Newborn Care

Now, although this is going to make this read a little bit longer than my usual ones, I had to include Primrose Newborn Care in the mix. Reason being, newborn is in the name! How am I supposed to just…not include them? I have to do it.

Primrose Newborn Care is a top newborn pediatric doctor’s office that caters exclusively to little ones! This is a small clinic run by Dr. Jessica Madden. She specializes in premature and newborn care and dedicates her practice to ensuring that every little one who enters the world is able to live their best life. Her clinic is small, as it’s run by her, but that’s what I love about it! She loves all of her patients and helps guide new mamas through every newborn stage. From premature care to learning how to breastfeed, she covers it all.

So, which Cleveland Pediatrician are You Going to Check Out?

With so many incredible Cleveland pediatricians out there, I know it can feel a little overwhelming. However, I hope that my little list helped narrow down your decision!

I cannot wait to meet you and your munchkin for your newborn photography session in Cleveland! Make sure you reach out to me to schedule your session and to tell me all the details of your little one’s journey into the world!

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