Cleveland Boudoir: Your Top Questions Answered!

With boudoir photography and women empowerment taking center stage lately (rightfully so!), it’s about time we talked about it. Something that surprises a lot of my clients is that I’m not only a newborn photographer, I’m also a maternity photographer in Cleveland, OH! I personally love doing maternity shoots and making it a boudoir shoot is right up my ally. So, I wanted to take some time to do a bonus post this week dedicated to Cleveland boudoir maternity photoshoots. After a little research on top questions clients have, I put together a short Q&A in hopes that I can ease your mind and get you excited to let me memorialize this beautiful time in your life!

brunette pregnant woman boudoir maternity photoshoot in Cleveland OH on wooden floors with white curtain backdrop

Do I Have to be Naked During a Cleveland Boudoir Maternity Photoshoot?

This is a common misconception and popular question I get as a boudoir maternity photographer in Cleveland, OH. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be naked during these kinds of photoshoots. The purpose of boudoir shoots is to regain your confidence and remember that you’re sexy as you are. So no, nudity is not a requirement. However, you will likely be in lingerie or we will find creative ways to “cover up”!

My goal is not to expose you. It’s to make sure you feel sexy, beautiful, and glamorous and remember that “pregnant” and “sexy” are not opposites!

Do You Have Any Experience Posing?

As a maternity photographer in Cleveland, OH, posing is pretty much 90% of my job. Well, maybe not 90…but it’s up there. I am in charge of making sure you’re posed appropriately for the clothing you’re wearing, or lack thereof, as well as ensuring you’re positioned well with the lighting. It’s important to me that you’re comfortable, but feel sexy and in control. I will make sure you’re posed perfectly and communicate with you the whole way through.

Should I Bring My Own Lingerie?

You do need to bring your own undergarments for Cleveland boudoir maternity photo sessions with me. I do not supply those. However, I do have some sexier dresses and props for covering up if you’re feeling adventurous. I’ve been known to use a white sheet a time or two!

blonde pregnant mom covered by white sheet standing up during boudoir maternity photography session in Cleveland OH

What Makes Your Style Different from Other Cleveland Boudoir Matenity Photographers?

My style for boudoir maternity photos is a mix between sexy, classy, and fun. I love a beautiful hair-do paired with soft flowing fabrics. However, I’m also fully aware that not all of my clients like that, so we work together. I will never style you in a way that doesn’t feel authentic to you. My goal is to capture your inner goddess again because we all know that pregnancy makes you feel like the monster the goddess banishes from her kingdom, you know? I get it, that’s why my boudoir maternity photos are designed to be more elegant, soft, and sensual.

Can My Partner Join the Photoshoot?

I absolutely welcome partners to join in on my Cleveland boudoir maternity photoshoots. In fact, couples shoots are some of my favorite. Reason being this is a chance for you both to connect with each other again. Sometimes, during pregnancy, you may feel like your partner is losing interest, and I want to reignite that spark! I find that boudoir maternity sessions help couples find passion again and I’d love to be the maternity photographer who captures that for you.

brunette pregant mom in black bra laying on bed during boudoir maternity photoshoot in Cleveland OH

Ready to Schedule Your Cleveland Boudoir Maternity Photoshoot?

I hope you found this little question and answer helpful! I would absolutely love to be your boudoir maternity photographer in Cleveland, OH and help you (and maybe your partner) find your passion again! Can’t wait to hear from you!

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