Hair Salons in Cleveland, OH That Will Make You Feel like a Superstar

hair salons in cleveland OH

Okay…split ends, dry strands, and maybe some grown in roots…oh my. The life of a pregnant or even a new mama is hectic enough without having to worry about the details of keeping your appearance in check. As a maternity and newborn photographer in Akron, OH, I think every mother deserves to feel beautiful, with or without having their hair done. However, sometimes, you just want to pamper yourself! Let’s talk about these top spas and hair salons in Cleveland, OH.

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Apart from their incredibly catchy name, Architexture is one of my favorite hair salons in Cleveland, OH for a few reasons. This salon offers free consultations for its new clients and the staff here is professional, well-trained, and so friendly! You feel like you’re getting your hair done by a friend you’ve known for decades who just so happens to be a stylist.

This is a phenomenal hair salon to visit if you want a fresh look or just a revitalized version of your signature style. You’ll have to check them out before your maternity or newborn photography session in Akron, OH with me!

CC Salona and Spa

If you’re looking for a salon that offers a little more than a haircut/color, CC Salon and Spa is your best option. They’re slogan is, “the total spa experience, without the total attitude” and they stick to it! With services ranging from hair cuts to manicures to full body Swedish massages, CC Salon and Spa is my preferred spot when I need to treat myself to a luxurious few hour of relaxation.

Give yourself a spa day by talking to their friendly and eager staff. They’ll help you schedule your needs in a functional order that’ll leave you feeling refreshed and ready for your day!

woman laying down during massage at a spa before cleveland OH maternity photo session

Bella Donna Spa and Hair Salon in Cleveland, OH

Another luxurious hair salon and spa is Bella Donna. This is a top option if you want to give your mind and body a break. They offer traditional hair salon services like trims, cuts, and custom colors, but they also offer spa services.

So, why stop at a hair trim? While you’re there, give your body a much-needed rest with a Swedish or hot stone massage. Add in a hydrating face mask and you’ll be glowing for your newborn photography session in Akron, OH with me!  

Style House Beauty Bar

For you mamas who are short on time but still want a little revamping, check out Style House Beauty Bar. This hair salon in Cleveland offers blow outs and updo’s that make you red-carpet ready.  Sometimes, you just want someone else to do your hair, you know? You want to feel beautiful and what better way than having your hair soft, bouncy, and blowing in the breeze?

This salon also offers spray tanning and face waxing services so make sure you check those out while you’re visiting their website!

close up of hair cut and trimming split end with scissor sheers

Krasa Hair Salon in Cleveland, OH

The last hair salon on my little list today is Krasa Salon. Another favorite of many, this salon combines comfort with luxury. You feel right at home here and they offer so many services. You can get a quick hair trim to get rid of those split ends or give yourself a new look with a fresh and fun color!

The stylists here are well-trained to ensure that you leave feeling nothing other than fabulous! They’ll make sure your skin tone is complimented and your face is perfectly framed. They do offer a couple of face waxing services as well so check them out.

Ready to Get Your Hair Done?

I want you to feel your absolute best at your maternity or newborn photography session in Akron, OH with me! Sometimes, that means getting your hair done or having a relaxing massage the day prior or morning of and I encourage that! Keep in mind, I do offer hair and makeup before all of my shoots, so you’re never required to show up ready to go. However, I know that some mamas just like to be ahead of the curve and these hair salons in Cleveland, OH are my favs for being just that!

I can’t wait to talk more with you about booking your Cleveland OH maternity and newborn photoshoot. If you have any salon recommendations or have even been to any of these, feel free to leave a comment and lets’ talk about it!

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