Cleveland Clinic Hospital Bag Must Haves

hospital bag must haves

As your due date approaches, it’s important to consider hospital bag must haves before heading out the door. Whether you’re delivering at the Cleveland Clinic or another hospital in the area, having the essentials on hand can make your hospital stay more comfortable and stress-free. Here are some essentials to consider!

Comfortable Clothing

During your hospital stay, you’ll want to wear comfortable clothing that’s easy to get on and off. Pack loose-fitting, comfortable pajamas or lounge wear and a comfortable outfit to wear home. Don’t forget to pack a few pairs of undergarments as well. It’s always better to be overprepared.

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Baby Essentials

Remember to pack essentials for your baby when packing your hospital bag must haves. Clothes, blankets, diapers, wipes, and a car seat for the ride home are as vital. Pack several baby clothes changes, a warm blanket, a hat, and any special products you think you might need. Bring plenty of diapers and wipes for your hospital stay. Also, remember to install the car seat in your vehicle before your due date.

Where as most hospitals provide you with things like diapers, wipes, their first blanket, even the Cleveland Clinic recommends you bring extras! Some parents even have preferences on the kinds of wipes and diapers used, so if that’s you, definitely bring them!

Nursing Essentials

If you plan to breastfeed, be sure to pack nursing essentials such as nursing bras, nursing pads, and nipple cream in your hospital bag must haves. A breast pump may also be useful if you plan to pump and store breast milk at all during your time at the hospital.

hospital bag must haves


During your hospital stay, you may have downtime between your water breaking, delivering, feedings and visits from medical staff. Bring along some of your favorite books, magazines, or a tablet to watch movies or shows. Bring a charger for your electronic devices as well. It’s also a good idea to download some new books or shows before you arrive at the hospital to have plenty of options to choose from.


It’s important to include your own toiletries in the hospital bag must haves, including a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, and maybe even shampoo, and conditioner. Additionally, you can also pack lip balm, lotion, and some facial wipes. These will help you feel refreshed and clean when you need it if your labor and delivery drag out or you have to stay for observation after delivery.

hospital bag must haves


Hospital food can be hit or miss, so packing some of your favorite snacks can be a lifesaver. Non-perishable snacks or crackers are great options as they can be easily packed and stored. Some hospitals may also restrict food from outside, so ensure that the snacks you bring are allowed. Remember to pack some reusable water bottles as well to help you stay hydrated throughout your stay.

Personal Documents

When preparing your hospital bag must haves for a hospital stay, it’s important to remember to bring all of your personal documents with you. This includes your driver’s license or other forms of identification, insurance card, and any hospital paperwork you may have given during previous appointments. Keep all these documents in one place so they are easy to find when needed. If you have a birth plan, be sure to bring a copy with you as well. This can help ensure that your healthcare providers know your labor and delivery preferences.

hospital bag must haves

Final Thoughts

Don’t let the stress of packing your hospital bag dampen the excitement of your big day! With these hospital bag must haves, you can focus on the joy of bringing a new life into the world, knowing you’re fully prepared to make your stay as cozy as possible. Just pack a few weeks before your due date, and then sit back, relax, and enjoy the arrival of your little one!

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