Early Signs of Pregnancy: Top 7 Symptoms to Look Out For!

early signs of pregnancy

If you think that you may be pregnant, recognizing the early signs of pregnancy is one of the first steps toward preparing for the arrival of your little one! Knowing what to look out for can help you determine what activities may be safe and when it’s time to consult a physician for a pregnancy test! Let’s talk about the top signs to watch out for!

Missed Period

A missed period is one of the most common early signs of pregnancy for women with regular menstrual cycles. Now, I want to be clear here that by “missed”, I do not mean a few days late. I mean completely skipped and that’s abnormal for you. There can be other reasons for a missed period though, such as stress or a hormonal imbalance, so it’s important to confirm your pregnancy with a pregnancy test!


early signs of pregnancy

During early pregnancy, many women experience abnormal and significant fatigue. This is because the body is working hard to support the developing fetus. If fatigue is not something you usually struggle with, and you don’t have any other lingering physical ailments, it could be a sign. The hormonal changes that start to occur with early signs of pregnancy can also contribute to feelings of exhaustion. Fatigue mostly happens during the first trimester.

Nausea and Vomiting

Nausea and vomiting are common early signs of pregnancy, often called morning sickness. This could happen anytime during the day despite its well-known name, and be initiated by specific scents or edibles. Despite causing discomfort, it typically poses no significant risk and generally fades away by the end of the initial trimester. In some cases, women may experience severe nausea and vomiting, known as hyperemesis gravidarum, which can lead to dehydration and requires medical treatment.

early signs of pregnancy

Breast Changes

During early pregnancy, hormonal changes can cause the breasts to become sore, tender, or swollen. The areolas may darken, and the nipples may become more sensitive. These changes are due to increased estrogen and can occur as early as one to two weeks after conception. Women who have previously been pregnant may experience more intense breast changes compared to first-time mothers.

Frequent Urination

In the initial phases of pregnancy, the enlarging uterus may exert force on the bladder, resulting in frequent urination. This is frequently one of the initial indications of pregnancy and can manifest as early as six weeks following conception. The increased need to urinate can also be attributed to hormonal changes, which cause an increase in blood flow to the kidneys and increased urine production.

early signs of pregnancy

Food Aversions or Cravings

If you’re experiencing changes in your appetite or food preferences, it could be one of the early signs of pregnancy. Many women may develop aversions to foods they once enjoyed, while others may have specific food cravings. These changes are thought to be caused by hormonal fluctuations. While it’s common to have food aversions and cravings during pregnancy, it’s important to maintain a balanced diet to ensure that both the mother and the baby are receiving adequate nutrition.

Mood Swings

Pregnancy-related hormonal alterations can trigger mood swings, ranging from irritability and anxiety to joy and excitement. These changes are normal and are often a result of the body adjusting to the significant changes happening during pregnancy. However, it’s important to seek support from healthcare providers, family, and friends if mood swings become severe or you’re struggling with depression or anxiety.

early signs of pregnancy

Final Thoughts

Identifying the early signs of pregnancy is vital in planning for the future! It is imperative to undergo a pregnancy test and seek guidance from a healthcare provider if any of these symptoms manifest. A fulfilling and healthy pregnancy can be achieved with the appropriate assistance and attention.

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