Twice as Lucky: The Ultimate FAQ about Raising Twin Newborns!

raising twin newborns

As a newborn photographer in Akron, Ohio, I’ve had the privilege of capturing precious moments of twins during their earliest days. Raising twins can be a whirlwind of excitement but it’s not without it’s challenges! To help parents navigate this incredible journey, I’ve compiled the ultimate FAQ guide for raising twin newborns and beyond! Let’s dive in!

how to raise twin newborns

Are Twins Double the Work?

While raising twin newborns certainly requires more hands-on effort, it’s also twice the love and laughter. Embrace the chaos and find joy in the unique bond your twins share. Sure, you may have more diapers and dirty dishes, but you’ll also have more “first moments” and tiny finger grips! If you start to feel overwhelmed, speak up and ask for some help from your spouse, family member, or even a nanny!

How Do I Manage Sleep Deprivation with Twins?

Sleep deprivation is a common challenge for parents of newborns, let alone newborn twins. Establishing a routine, accepting help from family and friends, and taking turns with your partner can make a big difference. Sometimes twins aren’t on the same sleeping schedule, which is why that extra set of hands can be helpful. If you can’t get any extra help, try to keep them on a schedule, and when you can’t, have downtime with them. If one of them is tired but struggling to fall asleep, rock them in the chair and rest yourself! Even small naps can make the biggest difference.

What Are Some Tips for Feeding Twins?

Whether you’re breastfeeding, formula-feeding, or a combination of both, finding a feeding schedule that works for your twins can ease the process. Consider tandem feeding and investing in equipment like double nursing pillows. These can be purchased online or from local breastfeeding support stored in Canton and Akron! If you notice one of them is having a harder time feeding than the other, reach out to your pediatrician for some tips or even a check up to ensure there’s nothing serious going on!

how to raise twin newborns

How Can I Tell My Twins Apart?

This is one of the most common questions when raising twin newborns that are identical. Consider adding a loose ribbon to one of their wrists or stamping the bottom of a foot or using different colored clothing to help distinguish them until you can easily recognize their individual features.

Is Twin Bonding Different?

The bond between twins is truly special. From sharing a womb to navigating the world together, twins often develop a unique and deep connection that can be both heartwarming and fascinating to witness. Believe it or not, this bond often starts inside the womb itself! You may notice your twins have a hard time sleeping if they’re not right next to each other or one cries more when the other is being fed. This is due to that incredible bond!

What Are Some Challenges Unique to Raising Twins?

Alongside the typical challenges of parenthood, such as sleepless nights and diaper changes, raising twin newborns comes with additional hurdles like coordinating schedules and ensuring each twin receives individual attention.

how to raise twin newborns

Are Milestones Different for Twins?

While twins may reach milestones at slightly different times, they do have the same basic goals! When it comes to raising twin newborns, it’s important to celebrate each achievement, whether it’s rolling over, sitting up, or saying their first words. What you need to keep in mind is that what one twin learns fast, another may learn slow, and that doesn’t mean something is wrong! It just means that they have different strengths.

How Can I Encourage Individuality in Twin Toddlers?

While twins share a special bond, it’s essential to nurture their individuality. As they grow, encourage separate activities, interests, and friendships to help each twin develop their own identity. Make sure you support their unique styles, dreams, and personality traits. If one loves painting but the other prefers throwing balls around, encourage it! They can do things together, and absolutely should, but it should never be something that’s forced.

How Do I Handle Sibling Rivalry in Twin Toddlers?

Sibling rivalry is normal, especially among twins competing for attention and resources. Foster a supportive environment, encourage cooperation, and celebrate their unique strengths to minimize conflict. Do your best to verbally praise a child is the other one is currently in your arms and you can’t hold both so one doesn’t feel left out, things like that!

how to raise twin newborns

Final Tips and Thoughts

Raising twin newborns can be daunting, but it’s also incredibly exciting! Do your best to manage a feeding and sleep schedule, support their individual interests, and foster a loving and nurturing environment. Reach out if you ever feel overwhelmed and don’t be afraid to admit when you need assistance!

As a newborn photographer specializing in twins, I understand the importance of capturing these precious moments. If you’re expecting or have recently welcomed twins into your family, consider booking a newborn photoshoot to document this magical time. Contact me today to schedule your session!

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