Where to Go for Infant and Newborn Massage in Akron

infant and newborn massage in Akron

If you are a new parent wondering where to go for infant and newborn massage in Akron, I have you covered. For parents of newborns, infant massage can be a gratifying experience.

There are plenty of great options for learning infant massage techniques and where to go for them! Keep reading to learn about a few top places to get your little one a massage.

Infant Massage at Home

At home, infant massage can provide a secure and comforting atmosphere for both the infant and the parent. When practiced at home, parents can take their time to learn the basics of massage and build on that knowledge over time with their little one.

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Benefits of Massaging Your Infant at Home

Massaging your infant at home can offer numerous benefits, such as reducing stress, improving sleep quality, and promoting relaxation. It helps strengthen the bond between parent and infant and provides a sense of comfort. By massing at home, you and your little one don’t have to go anywhere, which can be a grueling process at that age. You get to be in the comfort and familiarity of your space, which allows both you and your newborn to relax!

Additionally, it can aid digestion, relieve discomfort, and stimulate growth. When performing a massage, it’s essential to use gentle strokes and be mindful of your infant’s reactions. You can provide many positive benefits efficiently and cost-effectively by taking the time to massage your infant.

Where to go for infant and newborn massage in Akron; check out local parenting centers, pediatricians, or certified infant massage therapists.

Resources for Learning Infant Massage Techniques

The best way to learn is by attending an infant massage class offered by a certified instructor. Classes provide an interactive, hands-on learning experience and allow parents to practice the techniques as they are taught.

Additionally, parents can find instructional books, videos, and online resources that provide detailed guidance on the techniques. When seeking resources, verify that the instructor or author is certified and experienced in infant massage.

Certified Instructors for Infant Massage

Knowing where to go for infant and newborn massage in Akron can provide you with access to qualified instructors who can teach you the ins and outs of infant massage.

  1. Akron Children’s Hospital’s Healthy Child Program

The Akron, Ohio area is fortunate to have access to certified infant massage instructors through two highly-respected organizations. Akron Children’s Hospital’s Healthy Child Program offers certified infant massage instruction for parents and caregivers with their Infant Massage Education class.

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  1. Healing Souls Massage Therapy

Healing Souls Massage Therapy, a local massage therapy practice, also offers certified infant massage instruction from a licensed massage therapist. Both organizations provide comprehensive instruction on techniques, timing, and benefits of infant massage, as well as how to modify techniques for particular circumstances and conditions.

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Getting Infant Massage Out of the Home

Infant massage is a growing trend in the wellness industry, with many parents looking to professionals for help with their baby’s massage needs. Knowing where to go for infant and newborn massage in Akron is key to finding the best professional for your little one!

Recommended Professional Infant Massage Services in Akron

Healing Touch for Little Ones and A Queen’s Touch LLC are two recommended professional infant massage services in Akron, Ohio.

  1. Healing Touch for Little Ones

Healing Touch for Little Ones offers specialized infant massage sessions that reduce tension and increase relaxation in infants. This service is provided by a certified infant massage therapist, trained in providing nurturing and gentle massage techniques that can help create a positive and secure bond between parent and infant.

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  1. A Queen’s Touch LLC

A Queen’s Touch LLC is a mobile infant massage service that provides customized massage services. They specialize in developing massage techniques to improve sleep, reduce fussiness, and enhance the overall well-being of infants.

They offer a safe and nurturing environment for parents and their infants to receive massage services.

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Final Thoughts

Infant and newborn massage is a way to bond with your baby and promote their physical, mental, and emotional development. Fortunately, many qualified massage therapists in Akron, OH, specializing in infant and newborn massage. Hopefully, this article has helped you decide where to go for infant and newborn massage in Akron.

Before You Go

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