10 Must Know Newborn Care Tips for New Moms

sleeping newborn in purple and white outfit. Let's talk about newborn care tips!

As a new mom, you’ve probably started to feel the rush of anxiety you get when your baby faces the slightest inconvenience. It can get extremely overwhelming to ensure that you are following the best newborn care tips. I know what that fear is like, but I want to help you throw all your worries out the nursery window!

These top10 tips will make you a pro in newborn parenting and ensure that you give the best care to your bundle of joy. So without any delay, let’s dive into the details.

Let's talk about newborn care tips! Sleeping newborn during newborn photography session with floral wrap

Top 10 Newborn Care Tips

  1. Self-hygiene: 

Self-hygiene is extremely essential for your newborn. Whenever you pick up your baby, always make sure your hands are clean and properly sanitized. This helps to avoid any chance of infection or induced allergy passing from you to your baby. I follow this rule religiously in my studio as an Akron, OH newborn photographer.

  1. Talk to your baby:

Talking to your bundle of joy has a myriad of benefits. For example, it boosts newborn neurological development. When you talk to your newborn baby, he or she will pick up new words faster. It can also help them pick up on tonality and learning what certain sounds mean. So if you want to build a better bond with your newborn, talk to him often.  

3. Never shake your newborn

This is one of the most vital newborn care tips. Sometimes, a new parent or even a sibling will shake or overly rock a newborn to try and soothe them. This vigorous shaking could lead to fatal circumstances and cause  brain injuries. So, keep an eye on young siblings when they’re holding the newborn and be aware of your own actions. Whether you are trying to put your baby to sleep or comfort them, try singing a lullaby or gently rocking them from side to side instead.

  1. Keep soft toys away during sleep 

You must have a whole new collection of soft toys for your bundle of joy. They’re wonderful for times where you can watch them. However, a general rule of thumb for all new moms would be to keep all the soft toys away from your baby’s cradle or cots, especially when the baby is asleep. It could cause allergies, respiratory issues and even lead to suffocation. 

  1. Clean your newborn’s space:

Experts highly recommend cleaning your newborn’s space regularly. It would keep all the allergens and air-borne infections at bay. Make sure you’re using gentle cleaning products (avoid bleach), especially on surfaces where the newborn will touch (such as their diaper changing area).

sleeping newborn during newborn photography session. Let's discuss newborn care tips!
  1. Give your newborn proper nutrition:

Most newborns eat every 2-4 hours. So be ready to feed them whenever they demand! Proper nutrition ensures healthy growth of your baby. You’ll want to reach out to your pediatrician to ensure you are feeding them appropriately, but newborns tend to just…know how that works! You can breastfeed, bottle feed, or formula feed.

  1. Dressing your baby:

While you might have a collection of new gleaming clothes, stick to cotton clothes while dressing your newborn baby. Cotton keeps their delicate skin safe and is often the most comfortable. One of my favorite newborn care tips is to remember that their skin is highly sensitive. This is the first time that they’re experiencing…well…the entire world. Try to avoid clothing materials that could be itchy or over heating.

  1. Skin-to-skin contact: 

Let your child feel your warmth and build a closer bond with you. This is best done through skin-to-skin contact! When you’re rocking your little one, hold them to your chest with your shirt open. It enhances that closeness that newborns love!

9. Don’t leave your baby crying

Another incredible newborn care tip is to avoid leaving your newborn crying for extended periods of time. Sometimes, newborns briefly cry or whine as they’re falling asleep or turning over in the night. If the crying is brief (less than a few minutes), it’s often fine. However, leaving your baby unattended could build distress overtime. Crying is, at the moment, your newborns only way of letting you know that something is wrong.

  1. Seek doctor’s help when in need:

Whether it’s persistent tummy aches, or unknown crying, never compromise on your newborn’s health. Always take the advice of doctors on your little one’s health matters. 


Final Thoughts on These Newborn Care Tips

So there you have the top 10 newborn care tips that will help you become a pro at caring for your little one! Remember, it’s a learning curve and every single newborn is different. Take your time, be patient with yourself (and them), and enjoy this short lived time!

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