Size of the Baby in Your Belly: Are They an Orange or a Pineapple?

Being pregnant is one of the most exciting times for women. You’re creating a new life, connecting with your little one from the moment you first see that plus sign on the pregnancy test! A particularly fun aspect to being a maternity and newborn photographer in Akron, OH is I get to take pictures of the mothers at varying stages of pregnancy. I love knowing how many weeks along they are and getting to tell them “oh, your baby’s the size of ____ now!”. It’s just a fun little piece of information. I thought it would be fun to share that with you all today! So, let’s talk about the size of the baby in your belly!

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Now, we could do this week by week, but that’s a lot of weeks. So, instead, I thought we’d do more of a month-by-month log!

Size of the Baby in Your Belly!

pregnant mama with a baby in her belly during maternity photoshoot in white leotard

Month 1

During the first month of pregnancy, your soon-to-be newborn is extremely tiny. At this point, a fetus is just starting to develop. The cluster of cells is forming and coming together. So, at this stage, it’s about the size of a mustard seed! Itty bitty, but you’ll likely feel some changes within your body.

Month 2

During month 2, the size of the baby in your belly will range from the size of a pomegranate seed to the size of raspberry!  That’s some significant growth during this month! It’s around this time when you should also start hearing a low, mild heartbeat.

Month 3

At this stage, the fetus will grow from that raspberry all the way up to the size of a clementine! This is around the time you start “showing”. You’ll notice your belly expanding as it makes room for your little one and they take up more space.

close up of a clementine representing the size of the baby in your belly

Month 4

This is when your soon-to-be munchkin really starts growing and becomes the size of a starfruit. They become more oblong and start taking on the shape of a human. This is also around the time that some lucky parents will get to identify the gender!

Month 5

During month five, that oblong shape continues! The size of the baby in your belly becomes that of a carrot. They’ll have clear arms and legs and you may even start to feel some movement.

photo of carrots representing the size of the baby in your belly

Month 6

During month 6, they average about the size of a stalk of celery (carrots best friend, ha!). You’ll feel them move around and kick. Ultrasounds will be able to show clear gender identifiers and images of your little one’s face.

Month 7

By the end of this month, the size of the baby in your belly is close to that of a head of cauliflower. They’ll start to slowly move themselves into the position for childbirth (so you’ll feel lots of movement!). Don’t forget, this is the perfect time to go on an incredible babymoon before your little one comes!

head of cauliflower representing the size of the baby in your belly

Month 8

We all love pumpkins, right? Good, because that’s about how big your baby is! Well, a small pumpkin, not so much one for carving jack-o-lanterns. You’ll have a significant amount of pressure in your abdomen, but don’t worry, that baby isn’t going anywhere!

Month 9

About the time your little one is due; they will be full size! That’s about the size of a pineapple. Crazy to think that there’s a pineapple in your belly but, here we are! It’s just about time for them to say hello!

sleeping newborn with praying hands in white outfit during newborn photography session

So, What’s How Big is Your Little One?

Tell me below how big your little one is! Do you have any fun stories about what you experienced at different sizes? I’d love to hear! I can’t wait to be your newborn photographer in Akron, OH when you deliver your little…pineapple!

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