When to Announce Pregnancy to All Your Favorite People!

Hello, expecting parents! As a newborn and maternity photographer based in Canton, Ohio, I’ve had the pleasure of capturing countless beautiful moments for families embarking on the journey of parenthood. I love to talk with the families I work with, find out what they’ve been succeeding at and struggling with. To my surprise, I learned that there’s one question that causes quite a bit of stress. That is deciding when to announce pregnancy. It’s a significant decision that can be influenced by various factors, and in this article, I’ll share some insights to help you make the best choice for you!

 when to announce pregnancy

Timing is Personal

Deciding when to announce pregnancy is a deeply personal decision that varies from person to person. Some choose to share the news early, while others prefer to wait until they’re further along. Consider your comfort level, health considerations, and cultural or familial traditions when deciding. There is no “rule” for when you can announce, but the recommendation from most medical professionals is to wait until the 3 month mark. Reason being, this is when you will be considered less likely to have a miscarriage. Waiting could save you the stress of having to inform your family of this event. However, some people take that risk because they want that familial support, it’s really a personal choice that is exclusively up to you!

 when to announce pregnancy

Health Considerations

Speaking of medical risk factors, one crucial factor in determining when to announce pregnancy is your health and the health of your baby. Many couples opt to wait until after the first trimester, but if you have pre-existing health conditions or are at higher risk, you may choose to disclose earlier to ensure you receive appropriate care and support. If you have any mental health concerns, you might also have different needs to consider. Sometimes telling your loved ones can reduce stress/anxiety, for some people it may make it worse. You know your health best, don’t let anyone push you one way or the other while deciding when to announce pregnancy, use your judgement!

 when to announce pregnancy

Social Support and Network

The support system you have in place can also influence your decision on when to announce pregnancy. Some expectant parents prefer to share the news with close family and friends early on for emotional support, while others may wait until they feel more confident about their pregnancy. Consider who you want to have by your side throughout this journey and how early involvement may impact your relationships. Telling coworkers or bosses can be a bit of a stressor and some women opt to wait until further into the pregnancy to have that discussion, while others have the meeting early on to create a plan!

 when to announce pregnancy

Last Few Things

Trying to decide when to announce pregnancy is a decision that should be made thoughtfully, taking into account your personal comfort, health considerations, and social support network. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, so trust your instincts and do what feels right for you and your family. Make sure you check out some additional resources below to help you navigate this incredible time in your life!

If you’re expecting and looking to capture the beauty of your pregnancy journey in Akron, Canton, or Cleveland, Ohio, I invite you to book a maternity session with me. Let’s create timeless images that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Contact me today to talk about your vision!

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