How to Store Your Newborn Photos: Flash Drives, Clouds, Printers…Oh My

how to store your newborn photos

Storing your newborn photos is probably the most important part of the entire chain of events in a newborn photography session. I know…that seems a little weird but hear me out. In today’s world, there is truly an overwhelming amount of ways and places that you can store your photos. From the “cloud” (wherever that is), to printing your photos out, you have options! Which one is right for you? Well, that depends, but let’s talk about the ins and outs of how to store your newborn photos and why figuring this out as soon as possible is so important! 

how to store your newborn photos

Storage Options

Whether it be the cloud, a USB, a large external hard drive, an email inbox (not recommended but you know, it’s a thing) electronic tends to reign supreme today. Now, I don’t necessarily love this option, but I do understand it. There are pros and cons to each of these methods for how to store your newborn photos

The Cloud: “Cloud” storage refers to downloading the photos you want from your chosen collection and saving them to an online drive. This option is great for anyone who wants to be able to access their photos on any device they can log into their cloud on. It gives you access essentially 24/7 to show anyone your adorable photos!

USB: Also known as flash drives, they’re great options for anyone who wants to have a physical storage device that is small, portable, and can really come anywhere with you. They are reliable because they’re not connected to the internet. So long as you keep it stored well, not much can go wrong! The only downside is that in order to access the photos on it, you need a laptop to plug it into, so keep that in mind. 

Large External Drives: Best for people who are trying to house a mass amount of newborn photos, these devices are sure fire methods of storage. They’re often much sturdier than small drives and have ample storage capacity. You do need a device to plug it into to view your photos, and they’re usually much larger than USBs, so they’re harder to lug around. 

Printing Your Photos: My preferred method, as a photographer and a mother, is printing them out for display! These photos are precious memories that everyone should get to see and relish in. It’s also the easiest way to learn how to store your newborn photos in my opinion.  I also find it to be the safest method, but we’ll get into why in a bit!

how to store your newborn photos

Why is Figuring Out How to Store Your Newborn Photos Important?

First of all, it’s important that you know that as an Akron newborn photographer, I take thousands of photos every year. Yes, thousands. Why does that matter? 

Reason 1: Because it means I do not have the capacity to store all your newborn photos for you for years to come. I wish I could, believe me, I love looking at them, but it’s simply not feasible. It is your job, once you receive the final collection, to download these incredible time capsules on multiple platforms. That way, if one platform fails, you have backups!

Reason 2: There isn’t enough space for me to keep all of the photos I take stored for you. Are there tons of external drives? Sure, but no photographer purchases new hard drives or USB’s or SD cards for every single session and then keeps them in a box somewhere. That’s why it’s so important that you figure out how to store your newborn photos as quickly as you can! 

Reason 3: If you decide that in a couple years, you realized you either lost or never attained your full collection from me, I may not actually have it anymore. If I do have them, they’re way down in the trenches and the longer they sit there (yes, even online) the more likely it is that something has happened to your files. 

Reason 4: These are your photos! Why wouldn’t you want the world to see them? Print all of them out! I still have photos from my parents that are 50+ years old. This ensures you have them and if you store them correctly, they’ll last way beyond your lifetime! 

how to store your newborn photos

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to store your newborn photos can mean the difference between having them and never seeing them again. Sounds obvious, but it’s often overlooked. Your photos need to be stores across multiple platforms and even printed out individually. This prevents damage, loss, and overall, just adds peace of mind knowing somewhere, you will always have them! 

Before You Go

Make sure you get your newborn photography session with me scheduled asap! As an Akron, Canton, and Cleveland photographer, my books fill fast and I want to be sure you get the photos you want and deserve! Reach out for a consultation or to book a session!

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