Ditch Digital and Print Your Newborn Photos

print your newborn photos

In today’s world, where everything is stored in “the cloud” (wherever the heck that is), there seems to be a growing trend emerging. People are starting to have their newborn sessions done, and then just keeping them on their laptop. For who to see? I have no idea, but it blows my mind! Newborn photos are some of the most precious and vulnerable photos you can hire someone to take for you. They’re a luxury item that is meant to capture a short-lived time in your little one’s life. Why wouldn’t you print your newborn photos?

Let’s take a minute to deep dive into why, not only as an Akron newborn photographer but also a mother myself, I am not a fan of this cloud trend. 

print your newborn photos

Reason #1: The Visual

Listen, you had these photos taken for a reason and I’m sure it wasn’t “because I want to store them on my laptop for nobody to see but me ever!”. If that is you, well, then maybe stick with one of the above choices. If you’re like me though, you want everyone to see how cute your kid is! You want to cherish and relish in this glorious and short lived time period. You want to see their smiling face, quiet eyes, even happy giggles captured in a still frame hanging above the fireplace. The visual aspect of deciding to print your newborn photos is why I love the option so much. Why hide them away!

print your newborn photos

Reason #2: The Décor

Honestly, when you print your newborn photos, you automatically have so much décor for those empty spaces in your home. These photos are a personable, and quite frankly downright adorable, way to jazz up your home. You can hang some in a zig-zag  pattern along the stairwell wall, or add a couple in old-fashion frames to your living room side tables. You could even hang a few in the nursery to look at your kiddo grows and develops!

print your newborn photos

Reason #3: The Safety

Probably the most important reason for printing your photo is the safety of them. Many people assume that storing your photos on the cloud or a USB is the best option, but I disagree. I think it’s a great option, but it’s not the ultimate safe-keeping method. So much can happen to your photos that are saved to the cloud or a USB. You could lose the USB, the cloud could fail, your files could somehow become corrupted, who knows! If you print your newborn photos, you have them. They are in hand and if you store them correctly, they will last for generations to come! 

print your newborn photos

Final Thoughts

Printing your newborn photos out guarantees the safety of your photos. It reduces the likelihood of them being lost or damage, and it allows you to show them off! Your kid is adorable, why wouldn’t you want to show your friends and family just how adorable they are? It’s important to also store them electronically for backup, but I will always recommend you print your newborn photos above all else!

Before You Go

Since you’re looking into the importance of printing your newborn photos, have you had a chance to schedule a session yet? What about a milestone/ cake smash session for that upcoming 1 year birthday! Reach out to me for a consultation or to get on the books!

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